A Lost Dog [ Miketsukami Soushi ]

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A Lost Dog [ Miketsukami Soushi ]

Post by Miketsukami on Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:11 am

[ Character Name ] Miketsukami Soushi
[ Gender ] male
[ Fandom ] Inu x Boku SS
[ Short Brief ] And Social Service agent for Miss. Shirakiin Ririchiyo. He is also the reincarnation of the nine-tailed fox. When he transform, he grows fluffy ears and nine tails. Soushi speaks fairly politely. He is all smiles, but, beneath it all, he can be rather cunning and manipulative. He has a way of words and a way to gain sympathy. He is very loyal to Ririchiyo. He loves and adores her very much. But he never considered their relationship to become anymore than master and servant. Nevertheless, he is willing to put his life on the line for her sake.

This is problematic.

The moment he woke up on the open field, the moment he realize this was not Ayakashi and that Ririchiyo was no where in sight.
A big problem.

So, doing what he does best. The first thing Miketsukami does is to look for Ririchiyo. Not paying any notice or mind to the puppy type Pokemon (a Poochyena) tailing him behind. It also was carrying his backpack in its mouth. His first target, an old grandma passing by. "Hello, ma'am." He calls out to her. The granny just looks at him without saying a word. Did she hear him? Well, he got her attention so he assumed she did.

"Sorry to bother you, but, can you help me?" he asks in his usual polite tone.

"What???" the granny says, holding one hand to her ears. "Come again sonny????"

Ahh, maybe she can't hear him. Nevertheless, he shall try harder. He moved a little closer and try to speak a little louder, but still politely as ever. "I am searching for a young lady." he said.

"YoU aRe SeArcHinG fOr a BaBy???" she repeated, incorrectly.

"N-no, no," he said. "A lady." He then took out a photo of Ririchiyo--one of many he keeps on his personal, and showed it to her. "Have you seen her? She's about this tall. Weighs about (censors) pounds. Has smooth, light complexion. Deep black hair. Violet eyes as beautiful as the night sky." he asks, gesturing with his hands as he describes Ririchiyo in as much details as possible.

The granny stared at the picture. "What a pretty lady." she said. "You are very lucky."

A moment of silence, before replying with a, "... Thank you. I feel that too."

At this point, he started to doubt he'd get anywhere. So he took a bow and thank her again for her help (?). "I shall be going now. Thank you ma'am." he said.

The granny just waved as he walked off.

That encounter failed. Hopefully the next person he meets will be a bit more helpful. He's still paying no mind to the puppy tailing him behind. He needs to find Ririchiyo first, he can question that later. Don't worry, he is not giving up.

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