Emissary of the Goddess ( Ainchase Ishmael )

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Emissary of the Goddess ( Ainchase Ishmael )

Post by Ainchase on Thu Jul 27, 2017 5:46 am

[Character's name]: Ainchase Ishmael (Ain)
[Gender] : male
[Fandom]: Elsword
[Short Brief] : A heavenly being sent down by the Goddess Ishmael to restore El to its true form. Before he went down, he was specifically told not to become attach to the world below. To complete his mission and return back to the Heavens as soon as possible. However, due to the El explosion incident, he wound up getting caught in and was sent through a time/space crack. He spent nearly 500 years wandering the dark space of Henir while slowly being corrupted until he felt a familiar energy nearby. Desperately, he chased after it. This led him to meet the El Search Party in which his journey truly began.

It was a clear morning.
When he came to, he found himself laying, alone, on an open grassy plain.
His first thought upon realizing he was alone was... "Elsword?" The boy was no where to be found. Neither were his companion. 

Strange. He couldn't feel a hint of El anywhere. This place had an entirely different energy. Where he was, he hadn't a clue. But he knew, this place was definitely not Elrios. Even being aware of that, he was still calm as ever. There be no point in overreacting now would it? First things first. Information. He needs to gather information first about his whereabouts. There should be someone around who could help him a bit.

He searched his surroundings first and saw a backpack laying behind him. Was he using this as a comfort for when he was 'sleeping'? The color of the bags were the same colors as his own garbs. So, does that mean it belonged to him?

He thought for a moment before deciding to open the bag to check its contents. What he found in there was regular outdoor supplies? Rope. Sleeping bag. A first aid medical kit. Some round white and red balls. And... a high-tech minty green mechanical box? Oh, the box opened up. He pressed a button and voice can be heard. "Hello!" It can speak! "Welcome, I am Dexter. A program designed by the renown Professor Oak to aid future Pokemon Trainers in their journey. It is my duty to relay to Trainer Ain information and advice regarding Pokemon! If lost or stolen, I cannot be replaced! So rely on me! Let's get a long, okay?"

A moment of silence. In all honesty, Ain wasn't sure how to respond to all that. One, it talked. Two, what is a Pokemon. Three, How the fuck did it know his name. And four, is it developing a personality?

Ain was so distracted by the talking box that he did not notice a strange creature hovering over his shoulder. This gave him a bit of a scare, and he quickly jump away. It was... smaller than it first looked--about half his height actually. This creature was a blue and white color. It had strange fins on its head. Were they ears? Its eyes were large and purple. Its body like a snake, yet it had a innocent, pure aura. It seemed harmless. He did not sense any malicious intent.

The creature then slitter closer towards Ain and crawled onto his lap. It decided to make his lap his resting spot, as it purred into sleep. Ain was left dumbfounded and confused. D-DiD I gIvE yOu PeRmIsSiOn To SlEeP oN mY lAp?? Despite feeling a little intruded, he didn't shove the thing away. Instead, he found himself patting its head. What a strange creature.

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