Brief : How do I roleplay here?

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Brief : How do I roleplay here?

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 6:43 pm

"So, How do I start?"

Your character will start with Introduction, go to the Introduction section and create a new thread, with this template:

[Character's Name]-[Title of your character's thread, is it open to anyone or reserved]

Example : [Hibari Kyouya - ...I'll bite your ass to death, anyone.]

Before you start your introduction arrival post, make sure you put this information as your post header :

[Player] :
[Character's name]:
[Gender] :
[Short Brief] :

so it would be like :

[Player] : Eko
[Character's name]: Kamishiro Rio (Rio Kamishiro)
[Gender] : female
[Fandom]: Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
[Short Brief] : She is Ryoga's (aka, Shark's) twin sister who was hospitalize after having been involved in a accident during a duel with IV in which she was nearly she was incinerated. She made a miraculously recovery. Not a scratch or burn mark could be found!

Rio is very popular with the boys. She was asked to join many clubs as a sort of "mascot" character. However, she rejected them all and insisted that she'll join ONLY if they can defeat her in a duel. "If I'm weak, someone might try and use me as their shield. To take advantage of Shark's weakness. That's why I have to be strong."

Rio is a skillful duelist with a Ice Themed deck to match her ice cool personality. She can be playful and teasing at times, Especially to her dearest big twin brother Ryoga. She has a fear of cats however.

If you're playing original character, simply put "Original" at the fandom section.

"Done! and Now, what should I do? what do I have to do??"

Please post your character to the Taken List Forum under Bulletin Board. And then, it is free for your character to do anything, make explosions, or be a conspiracy theorist. Remember, you're free to simultaneously do double, triple, RP threads.

" how do I make the RP thread?"

Go to the Roleplay section you want, and then create a thread with this template :

[Title] [Open to :]

Example : I really will bite your ass to death - Open to Tsuna only.

If you want it to be available for everyone, just state open to everyone.
at the thread starter post, please post this template as header:


"Okay! but...I post really slow and somebody's post went ahead of me, I am tired of editing the post!

Make sure that you remember your turn. Example, Player A post first, then goes player B, and player C and D. After player D, it is player A that should post and others must await for him/her. Player B is not allowed to post before A does. and the circle goes on.

"Okaaay! any other else??"

-Use [this] or *this* for the character's actions. [this] is usually in narrative form while *this* is pretty much linear and short.

-Use {this}, {{this}} or (this) for OOC/Out of Character stuffs. You don't have to use these in Questions and Suggestions board and Out Of Character part of the forums.

-Use italics for monologues/character thoughts.

Follow these, and let's just all have fun!


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