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The [Head Canons]

Post by Ainchase on Thu Aug 03, 2017 1:01 pm

So yeah, this thread is pretty much we put up some of our headcanons for our characters. 
Discussions are welcome, but obviously, please keep it civil.

I'll start.


- He likes classical music.
- He grew up with the notion that demons were all bad. Most angels are rather proud figures who often look down upon demons as being the lowest of the low. So it's no surprise he looks down on Lu and Ciel.
- Yet in regards to Lu and Ciel, he has mix feelings on the two thanks to Elsword's influence. He really doesn't see them as bad individual. It's just that whole angel vs demon stereotype.
- He was a bit of a loner in the heavenly realm.
- Ain is demisexual/pansexual. Meaning, he only becomes attracted to people once he form a strong bond/connection with the other person. The gender of the person does not matter.
- That being said, he has zero knowledge about love and romance. If you're coming to him for love advice, you'll be getting a blank reaction and a "Hm?" Cue multiple invisible question marks popping all over his head.


- There is a story/background I want to address in canon first. I won't reveal anything until that story comes to light.


to be continued...

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